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How to share content

When you wish to share content with your employees, you can either send a post or make the content available in the SociuuHub

The content can be shared as one of three formats:  regular share, direct repost or video share

In the menus below, you can learn the difference between regular, direct and video post. 
You can also learn the different ways you can edit a piece of content in Sociuu. 

If you simply wish to understand, how to share a post with your employees, just scroll down to find the "how to share"-video

Happy sharing!

Regular share

A regular share creates a new post on social media

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Video share

A Facebook or LinkedIn video share gives you the autoplay function and statistics on view count

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Direct Share

Share posts with your employees that are already shared by your company account to boost it.

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Manage post

Set up your post and make it as easy as possible for your employees to share

Follow these 5 easy steps to send a post today


Tick off content in the Content Hub or grab a web/SoMe link to create a post

Tip! Filter on content types to find videos if you wish to create a video post in Step 2


Customize the posts with image, headline, watermark and add suggested introduction text for inspiration


Choose if the post format should be regular, direct or video. 

Create post Step 2


Explain the purpose with the share in the email. Customize sender and subject line. Add tags with tag management.

Create post Step 3


Select Users and User groups to ensure the content match the employees' interests

Create post Step 4


Choose your preferred sending options. Split, resend to non-openers, pulsing and schedule.

Create post Step 5

Send post

Sending a post to your employees 

We have made a simple 5-step guide below on how to send a post to your employees. Watch the video introduction or jump straight into it!

Are you looking for a guide on how to make the content available in the employees' SociuuHubs? Then you are looking for this place.

How to sare
Make post available in SH

Make post available to users 


Find the post in you admin Content Hub and click Manage


Customize the posts with image, headline, expiration date and add suggested introduction text for inspiration


Make sure the post is made avaliable in SociuuHub


Add tags to the post to make sure employees can filter on networks, subjects etc to find the content


Make sure selected User groups  can see content with this tag to ensure the content match the employees' interests


Inform employees that new content is added to their SociuuHub

Indsæt video med SociuuHub


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