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Active networks

You can select which social media network you want your employees to share the post on. There are two ways to do it depending on if you want to share the post or make it available in your employees' SociuuHubs.

Change the post before you send it out:

1. Select the post that you wish to edit in the Content Hub 

2. Press the “Create Post” button 

3. Click on the pen icon to access the editing options and personalize your post 

4. Scroll down, and switch on the network(s) you want your employees to be able to share too. 

5. Save


Change the post in the Content Hub:

1. Click the three dots on the post in the SociuuHub that you wish to edit.

2. Press “Manage

3. Enable the toggles for the social medias you want to activate. If the post is available in the employees SociuuHub, this is the social medias they will be able to share from in there.

4. Save

Note: Instagram content can only be shared on Instagram stories

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