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With Social Connect, you connect your Facebook and LinkedIn company pages. This allows you to create videos that autoplay with Video shares and include the company pages in the Content Hub.

Only persons with admin credentials to company pages are allowed to connect the company pages.

The connection is valid for 60 days then LinkedIn and Facebook with prompt you to confirm the connection. The connector admin will receive a reminder email from Sociuu when it is time to reconnect the company pages. 

If you missed it, no worries you can always reconnect. However, if you did not reconnect in time, this will affect the availability of content in the Content Hub and for video shares. It is never too late to reconnect, your Content Hub will update instantly. 



Connect with and you will have all your content from Falcon Content Pool added to your Content Hub. Before you can connect, you will need to get the Falcon API key from Falcon. 

Content Hub

Add sources to the Content Hub after connecting your social integrations  

Social integration top

Accept the connection

You will be asked by LinkedIn and Facebook to log in and confirm the connection.

Please note that even though you might log in with you personal credentials Sociuu does not retrieve any personal information from your personal profile. Only the company page.

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Approve that Sociuu is allowed to fetch posts from the company pages you are admin to.

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