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Custom Email

Learn how to set up custom Email

Custom Email

You can select an email that is your sender email. This is the email address that will be visible to employees when they receive a mail - see where the email is visible on the image. ​ 1. Use an already existing email address 2. Create a new email that is unique to your Sociuu ​ 3. Sends the email address to Sociuu and Sociuu creates all necessary credentials. You do not necessarily have to involve IT before implementation. ​ After implementation and whitelisting, you confirm with your Sociuu contact to make the final verifications.

4 Simple steps to implement

1. Sociuu needs an email sender address from you. New or known that is up to you. This email will be displayed on all Sociuu mails.

Most used subdomains: or


2. Sociuu sends you credentials for your IT to implement.

3. After implementation and whitelisting, you will notify Sociuu

4. Sociuu confirms, validates and tests and you are good to go!

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