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Social integration 

With Facebook or LinkedIn video shares, you can

create a video post for social media that autoplays. 


1. Go to "Settings" in the menubar, and press "General"


2. Navigate to "Social Integration

2. Click on the "Connect to Linkedin" and/or "Connect to Facebook" button


The videos you can share is from the Facebook or LinkedIn company pages. To activate, you need Facebook and/or LinkedIn admin credentials. 

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Social integration

How to find Video Posts in Content Hub ​

1. Go to Content Hub and press the filter button

2. Click on "Content types" in the menubar 

3. Choose "video" and press "Apply


Great! you will now see all your video posts in Content Hub

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How to find video post CH

How to find Video Posts in Content Hub ​

Edit Video post from Content Hub

1. Select the video post(s) you want to send out. 

2. Press the "Create post" button in the right corner.

3. Select distribution channel. 

4. Write a title. The title is the headliner in the email/ message you send to your employees. 

5. Press the pen icon to the right, and add a suggested text and activate the networks you want your employees to share to. 

6. Remember to add post tags and press "Save".

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Edit video post CH

Write the email to your employees 

1. Fill in a subject line for the email to your employees. This is displayed in your employees inbox

2. Write the name of the sender. This could be on behalf of your colleagues or just your name. 

3. Add some text for the email to your employees. 

4. Press "Link tag managment" if you want to track your video post in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics etc. 

Remember that email values are automatically generated if you skip this section.

You want to change the default email settings? 

Go to settings in the menubar, move over to general and press "Email setting

Write the email

Select recipients

1. You can filter by user groups or search for users. 

2. Select the user group by pressing the square to the right. Moreover, press the square next to "Users" to add all. 

3. Remove user(s) by easily press the "x" under "Selected users". Press "Next". 

Select recipients


Last step is making sure you have included the right user(s) and view your post details. 

Random split: To randomly distribute multiple posts to multiple users, you have the option to choose a random split. 

Pulsing: Select pulsing for sending out the email at different times. In this way, employees receive the email over a chosen period of time instead of instantly.


Resend to non-openers: It is possible to switch on the resend to non-openers and select after how many days you want to resend the email. 

Available to users: If you want to content to be available in SociuuHub. You can also add expiration date from the Sociuuhub 

Great! You are ready to press finish. You can now either scheduled a date and time for the email, send a preview to yourself or directly send out to the employees. 

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Walk-through of sharing video post from Content Hub

Share video CH

Share video post from Sociuu Hub

1. Access your Sociuu Hub from email. Press the blue "Click here for more great content to share

2. Click on Content hub on the top right. Choose to filter on tags for "video

3. Find the video you want to share, and press the "Share" button

4. Press the social media icon you want to share too. If it's added suggested text, remember to copy it.

5. Continue the same steps that you usually do.

Great! You have now shared a video post from Sociuu Hub

Share video SH

Walk-through of sharing video post from Sociuu Hub

Walk-through sharing video
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