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Welcome to Sociuu How
Your guide to Employee Advocacy

Here, you will find tips and tricks to help you get started, use Sociuu smarter and other helpful tools to grow your employee advocacy programme.

Upload your employee list

Add Your Employee List in 5 Easy Steps. We'll walk you through the process, and we will naturally keep our data safe and secure and it will never be shared. 

Employees are not notified when added to the Sociuu. They do not receive anything from Sociuu before you send them a mail with ready to share content.

See the structure in the example file

Nb. Titles, first and last name columns are used to personalize the email greetings e.g. 'Hallo Dr. Schultz' or 'Hi Peter'. You can leave out titles if you use an informal greeting.


Follow the 5 simple steps to upload users

Watch video guide


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