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Set up Sociuu Hub

The employee's personal hub with content to share

All users in usergroups

Step 1: Check users in user groups

The employees (aka users) will only see content in the Sociuu Hub, if you have placed them in a user group with added tags.

Therefore: Check if all users are placed in the groups you need.


You can download the user list in Sociuu, to see the users and which groups there are in

Go to Users - All Users - Export User list.

Action: If you find users who are not in a group or are not in the correct group, place them into a group manually or by excel.

Note: By adding tags to user groups, you control which users should be able to see and share specific content. 

Step 2: Organize by tagging

The tags in Sociuu are used to organize content in relation to channel, topic, group etc. and with these tags you can make content visible for your employees in the Sociuu Hub.


The more tagging you do - the more filtering possibilities for you and the employees. By using multiple tags, you enable a segmented and relevant content view for employees.


Action: Consider the topics you write about and the sources/channels you use. Then add these as tags to the tag list. 


With this overview, you can now choose your tagging approach. 

Organize by tagging
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube

Tagging by Source

Employees finds all content from the source and content is automatically added

Not organized by relevant topic for the employees, 

Tagging by topic

Relies on consistent tagging

Best possibility for personalization and relevance for the individual. Enables choosing topics of interest.

Tagging by user group

No individualisation with specific topic interest

Match group of employees with relevant content.

Step 3. Connect tags to user groups

Connect the tags to the user groups. Give each user groups the tags that are relevant to them. In this way, you control which content each group of employees should be able to see and share. 

Action: Go to the section Users, click on Users groups and add tags to each group

Below you find examples of how a structure be, where all groups are tagged. Note that users can be in more than one group and can see the content made available to the groups they are in. 

Connect tags to user groups

Example with users in multiple user groups. All users can here see the tags connected to the "All"-group plus the tags connected to for their department group 

Skærmbillede 2022-10-05 kl. 11.34.01.png

Example with users in only one group. Connect all tags to each group

Skærmbillede 2022-10-05 kl. 11.47.23.png

Step 4. Activate and onboard

You are now ready to activate the Sociuu Hub

1. Go to Settings, and choose Email settings

2. Activate the Sociuu Hub by clicking on the slider

3. Save settings

Tjek how it works by sending yourself a test email to check for the button in the e-mail.

activate SH.jpg
Activate Sociuu Hub

Your employees can now see their personal content hub, search on tags and find relevant content. This is how they do it.

Onboard your employees by sharing this video. Here they learn how to access and use the Sociuu Hub. 

Inform the employees about the new possibilities with the Sociuu Hub. Download our introduction message for inspiration, tricks and link to video.

*NB: Remember to insert your company platform name in the link.

Introduce the Sociuu Hub in the next:

  • Sociuu Mail: "Look for the blue button below in the email and find this post and many more" 

  • Intranet message

  • Or a direct message to ambassadors

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