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You'll find your list of users in the menu: Users. The user list includes individual performance and you can filter by the column headlines to see the top 10 users.

You can also download your user stats to see extended stats. 

Is user stats not what you were looking for, learn how to manage your user list or add more users


1. User name and email. You can search for a user or edit a user's name, user groups, department (Go to users, find the specific user you are looking for click on (···) and press, edit user) or click on user groups. 


You cannot change a user's email address. If you give a user a new email, you create a new user as the email function as a user's unique identifier. In this way, you can have multiple users with the same name whereas emails are unique.

2. You can see which user groups they belong to. You add users to additional user groups to in the menu 'User groups' or by upload.

3. Invited means how many times this user has been included in a mail campaign.

4. Opened shows you have many emails a user has opened.


Please note that Sociuu customers that run programmes from before 2019 will have users with posts without open rates. 

5. Unique shares show you how many times employees have been active.


6. Shares show you how many times a user has clicked on the sharing icons in the mail to share posts on Social media.  

7. Clicks are the accumulated amount of clicks a user receive on published posts on social media. 

8. EMV means Earned Media Value is the estimated click and view value the user has generated over time.  

9. FC means Frequency cap and indicates how many emails a user has received before reaching the set limit. The Frequency cap can be adjusted in Site settings.

10. Created show you when the user was created. 

11 Download user statistics you can download all your user stats to CSV. Here you can also see the individual performance by channel.

12. Export user list if you want to update your userlist you can download the current user list here.

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