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Share posts with your employees that are already shared by your company account to boost it.


What does a Direct Share look like?

With a direct share, you send native social media posts to employees. This is a redistribution of social media post to boost their performance while keeping native content features.


Native content is only native on the social media platform that it is uploaded directly to. Any other source, such as your website, YouTube, blogs, are not native and you should use Regular Sociuu Shares for these landing pages.  

When sharing a direct post you are more limited with editing options

Please note that the performance of a direct share is not measured by Sociuu. You get all stats directly on the post as they are only re-distributed through Sociuu. 

Skærmbillede 2023-07-31 kl. 10_edited.jpg

How to enable a direct post

To enable a post to have the direct share function, you must turn on the toggle "Direct Share video or post" when you are editing a post in create post. See the photo or watch the video below.

1) Choose a post in the content hub and click create post or insert a link to a native post

2) Click the pen icon to edit the post

3) Switch the toggle "Direct Share video or post to blue

MASTER_Enable direct post 1_17.08.23.png
MASTER_Enable direct share 2_17.08.23.png
How to share a direct post from the content hub

Which link do I use for a direct share?

If the post you would like to share is not present in your content hub, you can copy the link from the Social Media post you wish to share and paste it into Create post. 


You find the links for Social media posts here:


Facebook: right-click on the DATE STAMP and copy link

LinkedIn: Click on (···) in top right corner of the post

Twitter: Click on (···) top right corner of the post

Instagram: Click on (···) top right corner of the post when opened in a BROWSER 

Paste the link into Sociuu

Once you have your link you need to:

1) Go to create post

2) Choose your distribution channel if you have more than one

3) paste the link into the field that reads "link"

Master_link for direct share_17.08.23.png
Which link to use for Direct Share
Editing a Direct share

Editing a Direct share

Direct shares are intended for native content and cannot be customized in Sociuu. If you want to make changes to the post, you have to do it on the original.

However, you are able to change the text an image shown in the email for your employees in two ways:

Editing from the content hub

1) Find the post in the content hub using the filter function

2) Click the three dots and choose manage 

3) Edit the title, post text, and image 

4) Click save, select the post and choose Create post in the top right corner

MASTER_edit direct share in content hub2_17.08.23.png
Master_Edit direct share in content hub 1_17.08.23.png


Editing in create post

1) Click the pen icon 

2) click the toggle in the bottom so it turns blue

3) You can change the image and add suggested text. 

Note: you are not able to change the post title or post description here.

MASTER_edit direct share in create post_17.08.23.png
MASTER_edt direct post in create post 2_17.08.23.png

Choose which network the post can be shared on

Choose the network that you took the post link from to ensure that native content features remain. For example, is it a native LinkedIn post, then enable LinkedIn as the active network. 

Not all networks are necessarily active on your Sociuu. If you want to add or remove networks to your Sociuu, please reach out to Sociuu. 

MASTER_Select active network_17.08.23.png

Now you are ready to set up the rest of your post. Jump back to step 3 to set up your email, choosing users, and send-out settings.


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