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Set up Sociuu hub. Here, users can track their personal performance, share content and much more on their own terms and time.


Introduce Sociuu Hub to users with this page. Here, they can see how they personalize and share content. 


Add scoreboards to the Sociuu Hub to create and increase engagement. You decide how many and which metrics are available to users. 

The SociuuHub is the ambassador's personal content hub. Here, your colleagues can access the content you make available for them - and they can share this content as often as they like and whenever they want!

As an admin, you can set up the SociuuHub to contain all the content you already shared as a post-campaign in Sociuu, but furthermore, you can set up the SociuuHub to also be filled with even more content, your colleagues can share that matches their personal and professional interest - and this content can even be added automatically via your sources.

In the SociuuHub, your colleagues can activate themself additionally by:

  • participating in Scoreboard competitions,

  • viewing their personal performance statistics,

  • and suggesting content to the admin team!

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The Content Hub, which you see as an admin in Sociuu, contains all content.

From here, you control which content pieces should also be visible to users in the SociuuHub. You do this by giving the content and a user group the same tag.

If no tags are added to the user groups or the content, no content will be visble in the users SociuuHub. So let's set it up!

For the users (your colleagues), the SociuuHub is easy to access with the same way of sharing and no passwords. 

You'll find the link to your colleagues SociuuHub here. 


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Remember to share this link with your colleagues and ask them to bookmark the link in their browser. It is the same link for all. 


If they forget, the link will always lie in the bottom of the Soiuu email, if you activate this in Settings - General - SociuuHub settings




Now you are ready to send your colleagues the introduction about the SociuuHub!

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