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Social Connect

With the Social Connect feature, your employees can now connect their LinkedIn profiles directly to Sociuu. This allows them to easily share posts you send them on their personal LinkedIn and create and publish their own posts directly through their SociuuHub. Please note that this feature is available only to users who connect their LinkedIn profiles.

Help your employees connecting their profile
What is a native post
How to create a native post
How to see your post performance
Verify your employee social connection


  • Currently, this feature is only available for LinkedIn, but more platforms will be available soon.

  • Posts can be shared via email, with more formats coming soon.

  • Sociuu will only have access to the following information of the user:

    • User email related to the LinkedIn​ account.

    • User name and photo.

    • Creating, modifying and deleting posts, comments and reactions on the company's behalf.

    • Retrieving your organization's posts, comments, reactions and other engagement data.

    • Manage your organization's pages and retrieve exporting data.

    • Creating, modifying and deleting post, comments and reactions on your behalf.

Step 1. Help Employees Connect Their LinkedIn Profiles


Employees can now connect their personal LinkedIn profiles to Sociuu. Previously, there was no direct connection to personal profiles. Sociuu will have limited access to the users profile, having only access to (Emil list).

Make sure to provide them with the user guide on how to connect their LinkedIn profiles to Sociuu and assist them through the process to ensure a smooth connection. This guide will also help you understand the user process, how do they connect their LinkedIn profiles and the different sharing options they have.

Step 2. Understanding Native Posts and Available Formats

Native posts are posts created directly on Sociuu from scratch and shared to the users that have connected their personal LinkedIn profiles. These posts can be shared via email, with more formats to be announced soon. In Sociuu, you can make the following types of native post formats:

  • Text-only Posts: Create posts with just text. put examples.

  • Posts with Images: Add images to your posts.

  • Coming Soon: Additional formats like videos.

If you wish to keep having a link in your post like before, you can also add the link to the caption text of the post.

Step 3. How to Create a Native Post

First, go to the "Create Native Content" in the menu bar.

help employees
what is a native post
how to share native post

3.1 Make Your Post


Write the content of your post. If you wish to keep having a link in your post like before, you can also add the link here.


Include an image if desired.

The optimal image size is 1200 x 630 pixels.


By checking this box, you will allow users to change the text in their posts when they are making their native post in SociuuHub


Select the tags related to the users that you want to share this content with.


This will make the content available for them in their SociuuHub and include them in the email list in the next step.


On the right side you can have a preview of hoe your content will look in LinkedIn and make any changes if needed.

Captura de pantalla 2024-06-25 a las 15.56.40.png

3.2 Customize Your Email:

Once you have published the post, you will be directed to the email distribution for the employees, here you can choose the different aspects of the email, from who it is sent, subject description and the main text of the email.


Specify who is sending the post. In the Name area you can select from the admins added in the platform.


The "Reply-to name" and "Reply-to Adress would be the name and email that the employee would write to if they reply to the email.


Write the email subject and the preview email that will be shown in the employee inbox



This is the body text that will appear above the actual content in the email.

Once you have published the post, the email shared with the employees will look similar to the example below

Step 4. Tracking Native Post Performance




In the dashboard area you will be able to see engagement number accumulated by reactions, comments and impressions. Admins are also able to see verified shares.


To see your native posts performance in the post list, open the filter, click on the 'Content' area and select 'Native' to find your native post stats. Now you will be able to see your native posts, with their statistics as well as the engagement performance.



In the userlist area, you can access the each user sociuuhub to see the native posts results. This option will be also available soon from the admin view. ​

Note that initially, these statistics will be updated twice a day, with more frequent updates coming soon.

post performance

Step 4. Verify Who has Connected the LinkedIn Profile


Go to the userlist and look for the verification icon next to the user, if the verification icon is visible, the user has done the social connection correctly. 

If users need further help to connect their profile, share the user guide with them. This guide will also help you understand the user process to assist them on how to connect their LinkedIn profiles and the different sharing options they have.

Verify connection
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