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Departments are added by upload and are used for statistics only. If you want to send post to groups divided by department, you have to create groups with department names.

The main difference between groups and departments is that users can be part of several groups but only one department. Department stats are therefor unique based on employees' individual performance. You find your department stats under Engagement stats.

Upload department


1. Prepare your user list and save as Excel or CSV before you upload it to Sociuu - See an example here

You can also download the current user list from Sociuu from Import/Export and update with users and departments.

2. Upload and map columns. 

3. Analyse import your import

4. Choose duplicate action 'Skip' or 'Update and add user groups' to import and update any changes and additions 

5. Import - if not all employees are divided by department, you can do so manually in Sociuu.

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1. Go to Users in the menu

2. Find the user you want to edit

3. Press (···) Edit Details

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Change department
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