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Bring your content closer to relevant employees in your Slack channels. Here, you can easily connect across groups and share with one click.

Step 1 - Login to Slack Make sure to login to Teams via browser or app.

Step 2 - Go to Workspace settings Click on Administration in the menu on the left, and then choose Manage apps.

Step 3 - Create app Once you get redirected, click on Build, which you’ll find in the top right corner. Click on the Create an app-button. Choose From scratch in the pop-up window. Provide the app with a Name, and select a Workspace to develop your app in.

Click Create app to create your new webhook app.

Step 4 - Choose webhook Choose Incoming webhooks and then Activate the button. Click on Add new webhook to workspace, and then choose a channel for Sociuu Integration to post in. (Do not close this tab!)

Step 5 - Create channel in Slack Go back to your Slack dashboard and choose Create a channel. Provide the channel with a Name.

Step 6 - Go back to webhook-settings and add Slack-channel Go back to your webhook-settings site from before and choose Add new webhook to workspace. Select the channel that you just created to integrate the webhook. Remember to copy the webhook URL.

Step 7 - Add display information Click on Basic information in the menu on the left. Scroll down to Display information and add image and color. Remember to click Save changes.

Step 8 - Go to Sociuu In Sociuu, Click on Site settings and find the column Distribution channels by scrolling to the right Then click on Add distribution channel

Step 9 - Add info Choose Distribution channel type, give the channel a Title and add the copied Webhook URL Click Submit, and you have now added your Slack channel to your Sociuu

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