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Self sign-up

With the self sign-up feature, you can activate a dynamic sign-up webpage that you can share with your team to sign up for the program themselves.

You can share this link everywhere you need, and admins can easily manage the approval of the sign-ups from the users' area. Check this guide on how to manage and set up the self sign-up feature.

How to Manage the Self Sign-up Feature

Step 1. Activating Self Sign-Up

Activating self signup

1. Navigate to Settings: Go to your program settings and locate the "Self-sign up" section.

2. Enable Self-Sign-Up: Check the box to enable self-signup functionality.

3. Domain Whitelist: Add the domains from which you want to allow email addresses to sign up. For example, if you work at Cocacola, you would like to whitelist all the emails that ends with "" so that way the system allows them to sign-up.

4. Save Settings: Save the settings to generate the signup page.

Step 2. Manage self-signup settings

2.1 Sign-up page configuration

Your sign-up page has been created! In the sign up page options you can now copy the link to the signup page and updating the signup teaser and confirmation texts. Feel free to visit the link for a preview and share it with your employees.

By clicking on "update" you can customize the signup teaser text. This text will describe to your employees why they should sign up and will be displayed on the sign-up page

You can also modify your signup confirmation text that will be shown to the employee once the have sent the sign-up as a push-up notification.

Lastly, in the sign-up page, the users will have the option of choosing which department they are part of, for this, you have to previously add the departments that will be part of the program. You can do this in the “departments” area.

Sign-up page configuration

2.2 Verification

Enable email or SMS verification for added security and verifying the user’s identification. Simply activate it by checking the box on the right side. When activated, the employee will get the verification message right after submitting the sign up.

For activating the SMS Verification, you must have SMS distribution channel activated in your platform. Do you need to activate it? Check this guide on adding distribution channels.

2.3 Approval workflow

  • Activate approval workflow for controlling the sign-up requests by the checking the box "Admin approval required".


  • Assign the admins that will get notified when a sign up is submitted.

  • Activate weekly notifications to keep your admins updated about the new users signups.

  • Select the default usergroups where new users will be added in.​

Admins can manage sign-ups from the "Users" area, where they can find pending singups and previously rejected signups. By clicking on the three dots to the right, they can manage the sign up, including accepting, rejecting or editing details such as department and usergroups.

User verification
Approval workflow

2.4 Onboarding options

In the onboarding options, you can do the following:


  • Customize the thank you email content. This email would be the “thank you for signing-up” email before the approval.

  • Customize the welcome email. This email will be the one sent to new users after approval.


To modify any of these emails, simply click on “update” on the right side and customize the message to your liking!

2.5 Legal and compliance

Add your social media policy for users to accept during sign-up.

When adding the social media policy, you can choose to require the acceptance of the policy for being able to complete the sign up.

Onboarding messages
Legal compliance
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