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Content Hub

Learn how to connect sources

Connect Sources to the Content hub

With Social Connect, you connect your Facebook and LinkedIn company pages.

When you have added all your sources, you can easily share content for the Sociuu content hub.

Connect Social Integrations

Add social connections and Brandwatch with social integration before you connect your content hub.

Connect Brandwatch Connect with Brandwatch, and you will have all your content from Brandwatch Content Pool added to your Content Hub. Before you can connect, you will need to get the API key from Brandwatch. ​ RSS

Add all other sources by RSS.

Content Expiration Date

You're now able to expire your content pieces, and automatically remove them from your Content Hub & Sociuu Hub after your preferred amount of days.

Go to settings -> content hub -> click the small pencil on the source you want.

Here you can put in the number of days you want to expire your content after, eg. 90 days (3 months).

NOTE: The amount of days before expiration you have chosen, counts from the day that your source has been created in Sociuu, eg. creating your source on August 1st and choosing '90 days' will remove the content added on create date, on October 30th.

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