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Admin notifications

As an admin, you will/can receive system notifications to stay updated on post performances, benchmarks, and general activity.  
Manage your notifications to activate or deactivate these email notifications. Check the following video and step-by-step guide to see how!

Step 1: Locate Your Notification Center

Your notification center is located at the top right

corner of the platform.

Step 2: Access Settings

To manage your personal notifications, follow these steps:

  • Click on the user logo.

  • From the dropdown menu, select "Settings."

Step 3. Manage Notification Preferences

Once you're in the settings, you'll see various types of notifications available   

  • Identify the notification types you want to manage (see more about each type of notification below)

  • To enable or disable a notification type, simply click on the switch located to the right of each notification description.


Manage your notifications

3.1 Notification Types

  • Last Logged In: This notification alerts you when a user logs in for the last time.

  • Benchmark Notification: Receive a monthly report containing benchmark statistics.

  • Bounce Report: Get notified about bounce reports.

  • Post Report Notification: Stay updated with statistics for each post you've made.

Step 4. Check Your Notifications


To view your notifications, click on the bell icon located within the notification center.

Check this video on how to manage your notifications!

Video adnm notifications
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