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Remove content from SociuuHub

Remove content from the Sociuu Hub

If you want to remove some content, remember to set an expiration date on the content, or choose to archive, if the content should not be available to employees. 

You can also set an automatic expiration date on the source. Then all content from this source will expire after X days of your choice. 


Archive to remove content

If you want to remove the post from SociuuHub, simply just archive the post. 

  • Go to Content Hub

  • Find the post

  • Click on the three ... and choose Archive Content

Skærmbillede 2023-03-03 kl. 16.46.48.png
archive content


Set an expiration date on a post

Find the post in the content hub and click manage

Skærmbillede 2023-03-03 kl. 16.33.44.png

Now choose the date the content shall expire and click save

Skærmbillede 2023-03-03 kl. 16.37.37.png
Set expiration date on post


Set an expiration date on the source

  • Go to Settings - General

  • Find Content Hub and choose the source

  • Click on the pencil

  • Add expiration days and click save

Please note that this change will be effective from the day of the change. Old content from before will have old settings. You need to re-add the source, if the expiration days should count for all post from this source, or archive old post manually in the content hub. 

Skærmbillede 2023-03-03 kl. 17.18.03.png
Set expiration days on sources
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