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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams


Share to Microsoft Teams. Stay connected with shared content at any time and share seamlessly to social networks

You can now share post from Sociuu directly through Microsoft Teams. See this guide on how to set up the webhook and happy sharing!

Step 1 - Login to Teams

Make sure to login to Teams via browser or app.

Step 2 - Create a channel Create a channel with the team you wish to send post from Sociuu to. Provide the channel with a name and click add. Then add members. Note: You might already have a channel with the team you wish to reach.

Step 3 - Create the webhook Choose the three dots … next to the channel, and click on connectors.

Then choose Incoming webhooks.

Step 4 - Copy the webhook Click on create and copy the link that appears

Step 5 - Paste the webhook-link in Sociuu Go to Site Settings in Sociuu. Click on Distribution channels. Choose Add Distribution channel. Insert the link, and provide the channel with a name, fx. Teams channel: Sales teams

BEST PRACTICE In MS Teams, you share a message and post in the chat and you can share with a shorter and less formel message.

Our tips to your Teams-message is:

  • Be shorter than an email

  • Include the purpose of sharing and what the post is about

  • Respond or react in the chat/channel

  • 1 message - 1 post

Include @ tags and activate notifications to the employees:

  • Use @here to notify everyone who is online, active and available

  • Use @channel to notify everyone associated with your current channel

Create test channel

  • Share post you yourself or to a small group

  • Posts can't be deleted after publishing in Teams

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