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Single user


1. Go to Users in the menu

2. Top right corner, you will find the button: User management. 

3. Choose the "Add user" from the drop-down menu

4. Fill in the user information (first name, last name, email and department are required). If you want to add a new department, upload by user list.

6. Switch on the "send welcome email" button to automatically send out a welcome email

In the menu you find: user group, you have the option to assign the user to one or multiple groups. Additionally, it is possible to create new groups and include users within them. 


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Upload users



1. Go to Users in the menu


2. Click on Import users or click on All users -> user management -> import users.


3. Prepare your user list and save as Excel or CSV before you upload to Sociuu - See an example here

You can also download the current user list from Sociuu from Import/Export and update with new users, departments and groups

3. Upload the list and map columns (First name -> first name etc.) 

3. Click on the Analyse import button.

4. Choose duplicate action 'Skip' or 'Update and add user groups' if this is not the first upload to import any changes/additions 

5. Import

We recommend that you do not upload more than 2400 users in one upload.

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If you are admin for a local og specific usergroup

It is recommended that you place the users into this usergroup in the excel or csv- file before you upload the file. Placing users into usergroups is in any case a good start. 

You add a user to a usergroup by typing in the name of the usergroup and provide an x next to the user. See the belowe example.

make usergroup in CSV file.png
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