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The bubble charts show you the effectiveness and relevance of the posts both internally and externally.

There are two different charts. Open and engagement show you which of the emails are relevant to employees and if they want to share them with their network on social media. 

The second chart engagement and clicks show how shares are relevant to employees and how they are received by the market. 


Open and engagement bubble chart shows if users are opening the emails and sharing posts with their networks on social media.


It indicates the correlation between a relevant email purpose description and sharing actions. The bubbles in the top right corner are regarded the most relevant to users with the most shares. 

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Best practises for increasing email open and share rate are: 

- Custom sender and subject

- Include clear purpose descriptions in the emails and share previous posts' results.

- Suggested text that makes it easy to share with an introduction 



Engagement and Clicks show the correlation between what content users find relevant to share and what content networks on social media respond to. 

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Engagement indicates how many users have shared a post to social media and clicks are networks' response to these posts.


In the top right corner, you find content that both employees and their networks find relevant and interesting. Bottom right is content that networks respond to and top left is employees response but without broad network reactions.

Click in the bubbles to see the post. Find it in the post list to resend to new users

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