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ContentHub Filter

Are you searching for specific content in the ContentHub? Utilize the filter function to locate the posts you need quickly.

Video guide on how to use the filter function
Where to find the filter function
How to apply different filters
How to manage already added filters

How the filter function works

Video guide filter

Step 1. Accessing the Filter Function

  • Navigate to the ContentHub.

  • Click the "Add filter" button located at the top of the page, adjacent to the search function.

How to access filter function

Step 2: Applying Filters

Upon accessing the filter function, you'll find various characteristics on the left side, with corresponding filtering options on the right side.


Enable the visibility of archived posts (deleted and outdated posts) by toggling the switch.



Specify the type of content you want to see:

  • Content Visibility: Choose between content from sources added to Sociuu or regular posts created within Sociuu.

  • Content Types: Select the types of content you want to view, such as Video content or Link content.


Filter posts based on their sources. For instance, you can choose to see posts only from LinkedIn and Twitter.


You can either search for specific sources or select them from the list.


Display posts visible to specific user groups. Search for user groups or select from the available options.



Filter posts related to specific tags. Search for tags or select them from the list.


Find posts that users can share on selected platforms. Choose one or more networks from the available options.


Filter content by time intervals. Use the "Select Date Range" option to choose from default intervals or manually set a custom date range.

Applying filters
Managing added filters

Step 3. Managing Filter Settings

  • View and Remove Applied Filters: After adding your filters, you can review them next to the filter icon by clicking the arrow icon. Click the "x" icon to the right of each filter setting to remove it.

  • Reset Filters: Click on the "Reset Filters" button to remove all of the applied filters.

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