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Social Connect

With the Social Connect feature, you can now connect your LinkedIn profile directly to Sociuu. This allows you to easily share posts on your personal LinkedIn and create and publish your own posts directly through the SociuuHub.

How to connect your LinkedIn profile
How to share posts
See your post performance


  • Currently, this feature is only available for LinkedIn, but more platforms will be available soon!

  • Sociuu will only have access to the following information of your LinkedIn profile:

    • User email related to the LinkedIn​ account.

    • User name and photo.

    • Creating, modifying and deleting posts, comments and reactions on the company's behalf.

    • Retrieving your organization's posts, comments, reactions and other engagement data.

    • Manage your organization's pages and retrieve exporting data.

    • Creating, modifying and deleting post, comments and reactions on your behalf.

Step 1. Connecting your LinkedIn profile to SociuuHub


Go to the settings section of your SociuuHub account and select "Connections & Integrations."


Click on the “Connect to LinkedIn” button.

Now you can enter your LinkedIn profile information and accept the policies by clicking “Allow.”


Your LinkedIn account will now appear as connected. If needed, you can disconnect your LinkedIn profile by clicking on the three dots next to the connection and selecting “Disconnect.”

Connect LinkedIn

Step 2. Share your post!


2.1 Sharing posts from email


When you receive an email, click on the share button, ​this will direct you to the content hub where you can prepare your post.


Type and modify any changes you want to make to the post. Directly publish the post from your SociuuHub by clicking “Publish.”

Click "Publish" and the post will be posted on your LinkedIn account!

How to share

2.2 Sharing posts from SociuuHub

Now you can create your own posts from the news in your SociuuHub!


First, go to your ContentHub and select a piece of content you want to share and click on the "Share" button. 


Add a personal touch to your post by changing the text and more information! You can see a LinkedIn preview to the right side.

Once you click "Publish" your post will be published in your LinkedIn personal profile. Go to your LinkedIn account to share with your colleagues and to see your post!

Step 3. See your shared posts performance

3.1 On the SociuuHub

Go to the “Dashboard” area in SociuuHub to see your already shared posts and their results.Here you can see how many posts you have shared and when.

You can also view the number of clicks your posts are getting and your position on the latest scoreboards.

3.2 On LinkedIn

Go to your LinkedIn account, click on your profile icon, and from the dropdown menu, select “Posts & Activity.”


To see how your post is performing, click on “View Analytics” in the lower right corner of the post.



Here you will be able to see how many impressions and views your posts have had, as well as the engagement statistics for the post.

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Post performance
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