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Add scoreboards to your SOCIUU and elevate your engagement. 

Create your scoreboard

1. Go to Scoreboard in the left side menu in Sociuu.

Here you will also find all previously created scoreboards.

2. Click Add to create a new scoreboard.

3. Start by giving your scoreboard a title.


4. Select your target metrics. When selecting these, you have the following three options.

Posts: Referring to one or multiple SOCIUU posts that you want to base your scoreboard on.

Rolling time: Depending on the interval you choose, the scoreboard will contain all activity (posts) from this interval. 

Specific date: Here you can specify the period that the scoreboard shall be active by specific dates. The scoreboard will then contain activity (posts) from that exact interval.

In Post availability options, you have the option of including deleted or archived posts in your scoreboard.



5. Choose users in the Filter by usergroups.

Here you choose the users you want to include in your scoreboard, based on their user groups. You will here choose everyone in the selected group. 


6. Choose if you want to base your scoreboard by individual users or usergroups. 

Then choose the number of employees/groups you want to display on the scoreboard by choosing Top ... Employees.


7. Decide what you wish the score on the scoreboard to be based on. Here you have the following three options.

Shares: The total amount of shares the employees / groups generate from SOCIUU content.

Clicks: The total amount of clicks the employees / groups generate from their SOCIUU shares.

EMV: The total amount of Earned media value the employees / groups generate, based on their SOCIUU shares and clicks

NB: You cannot choose EMV if your scoreboard is based on video posts!

8. Click Create and the scoreboard is now active and live.

Skjermbilde 2023-04-27 kl. 15.52.52.png

Manage send out options 


9. Open the Email send out options:

  • Choose Send now, if you want to send the scoreboard to the included users immediately. 

  • Choose Schedule if you want to schedule your scoreboard send out.

  • Choose Recurrence if you want your scoreboard to continue rolling out every x weeks, and to end it on a certain day.


10. Per default, the scoreboard will be shown in the employees' individual Sociuu Hub. This is important for engagement!

If you however wish to remove it from the Sociuu Hub, open the Sociuu Hub send-out settings and deactivate it. 

11. Click Save and close, and you have created your scoreboard!

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