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ScoreBoard: Create more engagement

You can now create one or multiple scoreboards in Sociuu. These enable you to activate your employees, but also celebrate them! Celebrate the ones, that are frequently sharing. Those that are generating a lot of clicks and value, when they write a good caption text to the posts. Or those who are maturing in being an ambassador and is moving up the ladder.

Acknowledgment is a key driver of engagement among ambassadors. You decide the format and use case.

Start the game!

When we were kids, we learned to play. By creating a scoreboard, you can still trigger this mind for competition and games.

You decide which metrics the competition should be based on:

  • Shares

  • Clicks

  • Earned media value (EMV)

You also decide for how long it should last and if it should be based on individual performances or by groups.

You can send the scoreboard in an email and have it displayed as a continuous motivator in the Sociuu Hub.

But remember: "It is not always about the winning price, but about being in the game!"

- it brings competition, fun, challenge, visibility, and mirroring.

So what could be a motivational competition for your ambassadors?


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