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In Sociuu you can add tags to content manually and automatically by sources. Tagging is also how you make content visible for users in their Sociuu Hub

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Tagging by source

Tagging by group

Tagging by topic

Tagging by source


Add a tag on the source and make sure all content coming from this source will automatically have this tag. 

Go to Settings - General and choose Content Hub.

Click on the pencil to edit the sources, and write the name of the tag in the tag list. 

The tag will now be on all the content from this source going forward.

Remember to activate "Show post in Sociuu Hub" to enable employees to see the posts in their Sociuu Hub 

If you wish to have the tag on the older content from the source, you need to add the source as a new source and write the tag here. 


Consider your user groups in Sociuu or the main groups/business areas you have. 

Create tags with these group names e.g. accordinng to your list of user groups. 


Skærmbillede 2022-09-28 kl. 13.29.42.png

Now Tag content from the content hub with the tags to make sure content is available on these tags. Add e.g. the finance tag to the content that is relevant for the finance group.

The content is now available when searching on these tags.

To enable the groups (e.g. finance group) to see this content in the Sociuu Hub, follow the last two steps of adding the tag to the group and activate Sociuu hub.

Tips and tricks

Going forward, you can also add tags to the content while creating a post.

Tagging by user group


Consider the topics you write posts about

 e.g. Sustainability, worklife, products, jobs, local news, business areas etc.


You may also have labels from Brandwatch, that you can use as topic tags 

Action: Add these topic tags to the list in Sociuu 

Now add these topic tags on content in the content hub. Remember to do this contunniusly

Organizing content based on topics enables you to easily find it again and share it to relevant groups. 

This also ensures a high possibility for individual relevance in the Sociuu Hub, as employees can search on specific topics, they find relevant. Enable these topics in their Sociuu hub by connecting the topic tags to relevant user groups

Add tag to tag list
Tagging by topic
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