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Earned Media Value

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Earned Media Value in SOCIUU

Earned Media Value (EMV) is a method to measure the value of the work that employees do as advocates.

You can use default average EMV values or if you know the price of a click on the different social media networks, you can set your own custom values.

Default EMV value

Default Earned Media Value (EMV) is average prices for CPC (cost per click) and CPV (cost per view).

You can see your EMV calculations in your dashboard, on individual posts and in the user stats.

Custom EMV value

If you are used to running campaigns, you may know your CPC (cost per click) and CPV (cost per view).

If you want to include them as the value generated clicks by employees, use custom EMV.

If you only know one or few of the values, you can insert these values and use the default values for the rest.

Please note that all boxes need to be filled when using custom EMV.

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