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Find the content you want to share or tick off more than one content piece in the Content Hub. You can use different links or the same link more than once.


Customize posts. Give posts different layouts, headlines and text suggestions. 


Go through the familiar 4 steps to choose networks, email and select users and sending options.

Note that you can use random split as sending option when you have multiple posts attached to the email. 


1. Go to Create post in the menu 

2. Select distribution channel

3. Write in a title. This is only showing in the email.


4. Move down to Content. Insert a link and press the +- icon. Then edit the post. Insert another link and edit. Continue until all links are inserted and all posts are edited.

You can use different links or the same link and edit posts to create different layouts for different employees.

You can also tick off multiple cards in the content hub to create a multiple post email. 

5. Write the email. Regardless if you send the multiple posts collectively or use random split all employees receive the same email description. 

6. Select Users and User groups

7. Select Sending options

- Random split to divide the post among the employees

- Pulsing to stretch the lifetime of your email

- Resend to non-openers to nudge employees

Skærmbillede 2021-04-19 kl. 09.47.25.png
Skjermbilde 2023-04-27 kl. 16.17.50.png
Skjermbilde 2023-04-27 kl. 16.24.42.png

Note that you are able to use Random Split with you have create a multiple post. 

The minimum criteria for using Random Split is to post and to employees. Otherwise, there is nothing to split.   


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