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With Facebook or LinkedIn video shares, you can create a video post for social media that autoplays. Before you can create a video post, go to settings and activate social integrations.


The videos you can share is from the Facebook or LinkedIn company pages. To activate, you need Facebook and/or LinkedIn admin credentials. 

Video post video



Remember to activate your social connections in settings.

1. Go to Content Hub in the menu and click the blue filter button at the top.

2. Select video under types and then click apply.

3. Click select on the content you want to create a video post of, then click create at the top. 

4. If you have multiple distribution channels like Teams or Slack, choose your preferred channel to share to. If you do not have other distribution channels, you will automatically skip this step in Sociuu.

Step 1
Step 2



1. Give your post a title. The title is the headline in the mail and the name of the post in the post list. The post list is all your post and post stats.  

2. Add suggested text to share. Help and inspire your colleagues to write better introduction texts when they share. Include #tags of @people, places and companies.

This text needs to be copy/pasted from the email and is not automatically following the posts. 

Please note that on some networks, you have to activate @people tags where #tags are automatically activated. 

Skærmbillede 2022-05-03 kl. 09.34.17.png
Step 3




1. Write the email for employees. Best practise is to explain why they should share the content with their network.

This step can be skipped if you do not want to include a text to follow your posts. 

2. Custom Email Values

Subject line: This can be different from the title of the post. This is displayed when employees opens their inbox. 

Sender name: Write the name of the sender. You can send on behalf of colleagues, even though they are not Sociuu admins. This is a name not an email. 

Email values are automatically generated if not customized. You can change the default mail settings in 'Site settings' in the menu to the left.  

Skærmbillede 2021-04-19 kl. 09.41.52.png

3. Add tag management. Tag management allows you to track your posts in your analytics dashboard and compare it to other traffic sources. 

You can use generic keywords for tags or you can add dynamic values such ad post ID or recipient ID if you want to track specific posts or employees. 

You can use Google Tag Management, Matomo, Adobe Analytics or set custom tags. 



Match relevant content to relevant employees to increase adaption and to drive engagement

1. Find user groups and select individual users or all users in the groups as recipients

2. Search for individual employees and tick them off to include in the recipient list

Skærmbillede 2021-04-19 kl. 09.43.06.png



Go through your posts, email and employee recipients and select sending options. ​

Skærmbillede 2021-04-19 kl. 09.47.25.png

1. Resend to non-openers. If they for some reason should have missed the email, they will get a reminder. This is only sent to employees who did not open the first email. You can also manually re-send to non-openers or new users from the post list after it is sent. 

2. Pulsing. Add pulsing to send the email at different times. In this way, employees receive the email over a period of time instead of instantly. This is especially useful for larger groups and not all shares at the same time. Pulsing gives posts a longer lifetime.

3. Preview to see the email and post before you send to employees.

4. Send. Your post is now published and employees can share with their networks.

If your video is missing a title and cannot send out...

You can add a title to the video post. Just click on the three ... and choose Manage. 
Click Save, and the title is now saved.

NB! The title will only show in the e mail to your ambassadors. The original title on the social media post will appear when they post to the network. 



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