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Social media content created and planned in Brandwatch is via an API key automatically transferred to the Sociuu Content Hub.

With Sociuu, you easily create, draft and schedule posts to be sent to the right employees at the right time. With one click, employees instantly elevate your brand’s reach.


What is Brandwatch?

Brandwatch is a digital platform for content creation, planning and publication. Create paid and organic posts for all your social networks in one collaborative content calendar. Content created in Brandwatch is then pushed to your Sociuu Content Hub, ready to be shared by employees.

Learn how to connect Brandwatch and Sociuu

Learn how to add your Brandwatch channels

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As a Brandwatch and Sociuu customer, you’re able to align your existing Brandwatch assets with the Sociuu Content Hub.


Then, Sociuu admins can push content from your Brandwatch to employees.

Note: You will need to have Administrator rights in both Brandwatch and Sociuu in order to complete the integration.

Brandwatch connection


1. Ask Brandwatch for your API key

2. Login to Sociuu

3. Navigate to Settings > Social integrations

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4. Press Connect to Brandwatch to activate Brandwatch in Sociuu

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5. Navigate to Settings > Content Hub

6. Press Add Source, choose Source type > Brandwatch

7. Give your Brandwatch Source a name, e.g 'Brandwatch', activate 'Import Brandwatch labels as tags'

8. Click Add source

Now, the connection between Brandwatch and Sociuu is established and you can publish assets from Brandwatch directly from the Sociuu Content Hub.

Set up your Brandwatch Channels

  1. Log in to SOCIUU

  2. Go to Settings > General > Content Hub

  3. Click Add source. Choose Brandwatch as source type and give your source a name.

  4. Click on Content filters to fold out all possible filters.

  5. Select a Network from Brandwatch to your source. For now, we only support LinkedIn and Facebook.

  6. Choose a Channel for your source. Channels in Brandwatch is ‘{Network} company page’, meaning you can create a Brandwatch source but only take content from a specific ‘channel’/page.

  7. Select Labels. Labels is not the SOCIUU tags, but your labels which you assign Brandwatch posts with. You can select one or more labels. Note that this is an or filtering, meaning that e.g., filtering by labels Countrycode source name and Sales will fetch all posts which has either one of them or both.

  8. Select tags (SOCIUU tags) to add to your source. This can also be your Brandwatch labels.

  9. Click Add source.

Voilà, your extended Brandwatch Source has now been added.

NOTE: All filters above can be combined with and will also work with the existing actions like , default networks, default tags etc.


NOTE: If you want filtered views in CH, you can add your Brandwatch source multiple times with different filters. This can be done to separate views in Content Hub, to ensure that you can filter your content.

Add Brandwatch channels
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