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Connect with Personio

How to set up your Personio integration in Sociuu

Step 1 - Go to Settings -> General -> Content Hub.

Step 2 - Click on Add Source, and choose Personio as your source type.

Step 3 - Give your Personnio source a name, eg. 'Vacancies'.

Step 4 - Insert your Emply client name into the source.

Step 5 - Choose if you want jobs to be available to users in Sociuu Hub and if the expiration date resembles the deadline. 

Step 6 - Choose active networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc

Step 7 - Add Tags eg. 'Job'

Finalise to by clicking Add source and your Emply content is updated in the Sociuu Content Hub and Sociuu Hub.

Personio Setup - Content Hub Settings.png
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