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Create an employee questionnaire

It is important to get feedback. Here, are some suggested questions you can ask your employee ambassadors.



  1. How often do you post content on social media? (Daily, weekly, monthly, never, other)

  2. Have you become more active by sharing messages about your work on social media after being an ambassador? (Yes/No)

  3. How comfortable are you with posting content about COMPANY on social media (Scale 1-6)

  4. What type of content do you prefer to share? ( Eg. General, local jobs, other)

  5. How long does it take to share a post on social media? (1-2min, 2-5 min , 5-10min, other)

  6. How do you rate the content you receive from us? (Scale 1-6)

  7. How often would you like to receive content from us? (Daily, weekly, twice per week, monthly, other)

  8. Would you like to contribute yourself to a new post? (Yes / No / Other)

  9. If the previous question was yes, how can we help you submit content? (Text box)

  10. Do you find that you get feedback on content you share on your network? (Yes / No / Other)

  11. Do you know what to do if someone is interested in a job at COMPANY? (Yes / No / Other)

  12. Do you need training on social media on Facebook and Linkedin?

  13. What do you like about being an employee ambassador? (Text box)

  14. How can we improve? (Text box)

  15. Do you have any suggestions, tips or further comments about the pilot? (Text box)

  16. On a scale from 1-10, would you recommend being an employee ambassador? (Scale 1-10)


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