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Introduce SociuuHub to employees

Give the employees access to their own content hub. With this, they can access all all the content you push and even more - e.g. web articles, post from the company website, the job list and any other posts you find relevant for them.

In Sociuu

Via Intranet

Via E-mail

Next time you create post, write:

Remember to go to your own personal wall and browse the content I have picked for you. Here you can see this post and new ones. You can also follow your own statistics. Click on the button below to go to the hub.

Advise them to bookmark the link for easy access always

  1. Download the below file

  2. Add your company URL

3. Share the file with

introduction on the


  1. Copy text and links from the below file

  2. Send the email to ambassadors


We have made a personal content hub for you!

In this hub, you find all the latest company news, jobs, and relevant articles.

Take a look and explore the latest news and find the posts you like.

Go to your Hub today and browse via this link 👇

The first time you'll simply enter your company email address, to receive your own personal login link.

Remember to bookmark this link! You will then always have access to the hub and do not need to log in again.

Sociuu hub introduction
Download PPTX • 1.92MB


Guide your employees on how to use the SociuuHub

You can find the video and guide to employees via this link:


If you haven't activated the SociuuHub for employees yet, follow this guide 👇

All the best, Nanna from Sociuu

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