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User groups are your Sociuu mailing lists

Independent of how you want to include employee ambassadors in the your programme, first is to organise your employees into groups. With strong employee groups, you easily match relevant content to relevant employees.

Relevans is essential to maintain engagement and the groups help you engage employees. If you reach out to employees with relevant content you will not only see higher engagement, it also effect retention in your programme.

How to organise

Groups can be departments, projects, teams, expertise, the field of interest etc. A great place to find inspiration for immediate groups is your content plan and communication, marketing and HR strategy.

Organise your employee list in 3 simple steps

  1. Arrange your list in Sociuu. Create an excel sheet or get a list of employees from HR. In Sociuu, you will need to divide the list with First name, last name, email and department which are obligatory fields.

  2. Create user groups - these are your mailing lists. It can be department, function, projects etc. Tick off the employees that are to be included in the groups. Employees can participate in multiple groups.

  3. Upload in Sociuu. Match columns. Choose option for duplicates. And you are ready to import.


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