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Email Settings

Learn more about email settings

Email Settings in SOCIUU

Email settings determine what information you include as default when sending emails from Sociuu.

This information ensures that the emails always appear to be sent from a colleague at the company.

You can overwrite the default settings with the custom email subject line and sender in Post Creation Step 2.

Email From Name ​ This is the name that appears in employees inboxes when you send Sociuu mails. ​ If this is not your name, you can change it here or overwrite this in the custom mail settings in the post creation flow.

Email Reply to Name ​ This is the name of the person who receives any replies on Sociuu mails.

Post Subject

This is the subject lines that appear when sending mails through Sociuu.

This can be overwritten in the custom email values in the post creation flow.

Frequency cap

You will be notified when creating posts for employees that they have reached their daily, weekly or monthly limit.

You can overrule this or change it.

Read more about frequency cap here.

Activate Sociuu Hub Link​

If you want to include a link to the Sociuu Hub in the emails, you can activate it here.

For employees to access content in the Sociuu Hub, you need to create tags and associate groups with these tags.

See here how to set up the Sociuu Hub

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