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With a direct share, you send native social media posts to employees. This is a redistribution of social media post to boost their performance while keeping native content features.

Direct shares are intended for native content and cannot be customized in Sociuu. If you want to make changes to the post, you have to do it on the original.

However, you can add a new image for the email in Sociuu and add suggested text for employees as well. Please note that the performance of a direct share is not measured by Sociuu. You get all stats directly on the post as they are only re-distributed through Sociuu. 

Anker 1



1. Go to Create post in the menu or select social media content from the Content Hub.

2. Click Create at the top, and you will be sent directly to post edition

Step 1
Skærmbillede 2022-05-03 kl. 10.13.50.png

3. Give your post a title. The title is the headline in the mail and the name of the post in the post list. The post list is all your post and post stats.

4. Add the URL link, if you have not selected content from the Content Hub. If you want to create a multiple post mail, add the same or different links in the link box and customize. 

Post links

You find the links for Social media posts here:


Facebook: right-click on the DATE STAMP and copy link

LinkedIn: Click on (···) in top right corner of the post

Twitter: Click on (···) top right corner of the post

Instagram: Click on (···) top right corner of the post when opened in a BROWSER 

Copy link to post
Edit direct shares



1. Activate direct share. When you activate direct share, headline and metatext fields freeze. This is because you cannot do any alterations to direct shares as altered posts are no longer native content. 

Skærmbillede 2022-05-03 kl. 10.18.18.png

Don't worry about the headline, this is not displayed on native content

Regular share with headline and link

Skærmbillede 2020-12-02 kl. 10.01.05.png

Direct share with intro text and without display headline and link

Skærmbillede 2020-12-02 kl. 12.49.24.png

2. Image. Not all native content has an image, upload an image to the post to make the email presentable. This image will not be used for the direct share.

3. Add a text suggestion. This is the text that employees can copy/paste from the email as an introduction to a post. This text needs to be copy/pasted from the email and is not automatically following the posts. 

Help and inspire your colleagues to write better introductions texts when they share. Use #tags or @people, @places and @companies to include peoples networks and widen the reach. Please note that on some networks, you have to activate @people tags where #tags are automatically activated.

You can write different texts for different posts when you create a multiple post.

4. Select network. Native content features are only native on the social media that it is sourced. Share Direct shares on LinkedIn to LinkedIn or Facebook to Facebook to keep native content features - otherwise, they will be displayed as a regular post but without measurements. 

Native features can be:

  • Autoplay on videos

  • Large images

  • Magazines

  • Slideshows

  • Polls

  • Image carousel

Native content is as mentioned only native on the social media platform that it is uploaded directly to. Any other source, such as your website, YouTube, blogs, are not native and you should use Regular Sociuu Shares for these landing pages.  

Content Mix. Direct shares are a good social media post booster but please be aware that an overrepresentation of direct shares will distort your stats in Sociuu as these are not measured. Use it to create a content mix with an overrepresentation of regular shares.

You can choose between:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Ok and VK

Choose the network that you took the post link from to ensure that native content features remain.

Not all networks are necessarily active on your Sociuu. If you want to add or remove networks to your Sociuu, please reach out to Sociuu. 



Skærmbillede 2021-04-19 kl. 09.25.17.png




1. Write the email for employees. Best practise is to explain why they should share the content with their network.

This step can be skipped if you do not want to include a text to follow your posts. 

2. Custom Email Values

Subject line: This can be different from the title of the post. This is displayed when employees opens their inbox. 

Sender name: Write the name of the sender. You can send on behalf of colleagues, even though they are not Sociuu admins. This is a name not an email. 

Email values are automatically generated if not customized. You can change the default mail settings in 'Site settings' in the menu to the left.  

Skærmbillede 2022-05-03 kl. 10.21.12.png

3. Add tag management. Tag management allows you to track your posts in your analytics dashboard and compare it to other traffic sources. 

You can use generic keywords for tags or you can add dynamic values such as post ID, recipient ID or network ID if you want to track specific posts or employees. 

You can use Google Tag Management, Matomo, Adobe Analytics or set custom tags. 

Step 2



Match relevant content to relevant employees to increase adaption and to drive engagement

1. Find user groups and select individual users or all users in the groups as recipients

2. Search for individual employees and tick them off to include in the recipient list.

Skærmbillede 2021-04-19 kl. 09.43.06.png



Go through your posts, email and employee recipients to make sure all is perfect before publishing and select sending options. ​

Skærmbillede 2021-04-19 kl. 09.47.25.png

1. Random split - If you have created multiple posts by inserting more than one link, you can activate random split. This means that the posts are divided between the recipients by the system. With the random split, they receive different post suggestions.

2. Resend to non-openers. If employees for some reason should have missed the email, they will get a reminder. This is only sent to employees who did not open the first email. You can also manually re-send to non-openers or new users from the post list after it is sent. 

3. Pulsing. Add pulsing to send the email at different times. In this way, employees receive the email over a period of time instead of instantly. This is especially useful for larger groups and not all shares at the same time. Pulsing gives posts a longer lifetime.

Skærmbillede 2021-04-19 kl. 09.50.17.png

4. Schedule posts to a certain time and date. Create several post at once to make sure employees are activated at different times.

5. Preview to see the email and post before you send to employees.

6. Send. Your post is now published and employees can share with their networks.

Skærmbillede 2021-04-19 kl. 09.51.25.png


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