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Onboarding employees

Introducing employee advocacy is important for employees to be aware of what you are trying to achieve together. They need to know what to expect, how to share and what success criteria and KPIs you have set for the programme.

4 ways to to introduce employee advocacy to ambassadors:

  1. Send an email or Sociuu mail with an introduction to the programme

  2. Intranet article also a good place to have SoMe policy, tips and tricks to social media and video how to share for a Sociuu mail

  3. Use 5 minutes at internal event or kick-off meetings

  4. SoMe training sessions

Learn how TRYG INSURANCE introduced employee advocacy 👇



Greetings, awesome tech companions

These years Tryg and Alka are on a quest: We want to revolutionize an ancient industry with old dogmas and traditional ways of working…The insurance industry! Therefore, we have set out on a digital journey, a transformation and a hunt for more skilled tech talents!

But it is not an easy quest! We are not the only company looking for tech talent: Our competitors in the Insurance Industry are also moving in a digital direction, as well as every other business on the Global job market have a hunger for tech talent. In other words: We are not alone – but luckily we have great opportunities to offer, we just need to be (a bit) more loud about it – that’s why we need you

To be able to reach out and attract the best tech talents on the job market, we were glad to hear that you volunteered in our newly created Employee Advocacy Tech CoP – which at a daily base just will be referred to as “The awesome people”!

Who is The awesome people – and what will we be doing?

The awesome people is a gathering of approx. 50 of our brightest minds within the walls of Tryg and Alka, counting companions from the great houses of BID Development, Operations, Claims, Data Warehouse and Customer Experience in both Denmark and Norway. You have all been chosen because of your position as internal tech ambassadors and your ability to reach into the tech communities as trusted equals.

These assets are crucial in order to strengthen our talent pipeline and to increase the amount of qualified candidates for tech positions in Tryg and Alka. Studies show that brand messages reached 561% further when shared by employee's and content shared by employees are considered 76 % more trustworthy than content shared by brands (well, there is something to think about!).

In other words: Your personal brands and channels are our most effective weapon in our hunt for talent.Off course HR and Marketing will contribute in the formal employer branding and attraction, but without you guys… we will never reach our full potential.

So, what we would like you to do is to activate your social network on LinkedIn and other communities, by sharing posts about your passion for tech and telling the story about your workplace. Use your personal platform to inspire other like-minded, so they know where to go, when considering their next career step. This is the meaning of Employee Advocacy. You can read more about employee advocacy project and what to expect at this explainer site

We are here to help – Kick off and special events in September

To get everybody onboarded to our quest we would like to invite you to our employee advocacy kickoff event the 15th of September from 15-16 on Microsoft Teams

At the kickoff HR will unfold our key challenges and present our plan, goals, level of support, communication lines and different roles within the Employee Advocacy Tech CoP.

We will also dedicate time for Q&A, in order to answer questions like “What is it exactly you want me to do?” or “How much time will it take?” etc.

We would also like to offer you a couple of special events, if you would like a few tips and tricks and guides for how to strengthen your professional brand on LinkedIn.

  • Webinar 1: Create your professional brand – The 23rd of September from 9-10 on Microsoft Teams hosted by external experts

  • Webinar 2: Professional use of LinkedIn and content creation – The 30th of September from 9-10 on Microsoft Teams hosted by external experts

  • Photo shoot for new LinkedIn Profile pictures – Beginning of October in Ballerup and Bergen

Let the quest begin!

If you have any questions regarding our Employee Advocacy Tech CoP please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

We look forward to see you at the kickoff event the 15th of September.




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