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Recruit your ambassadors

We see that employee want to participate. They often just need help with:

  • What to share

  • When to share

  • On which social media platforms to share on

You can recruit ambassadors or select a representative group of employees if not inviting all employees to participate.

Recruit, select and group

There are many ways to recruit your ambassadors. Many companies want to give all employees the opportunity to participate and include all in the programme from the start.

Recruiting ambassadors

If you want to recruit ambassadors, you need to create awareness about the programme, how to sign up and describe what they are subscribing to.

Mix it up

You can also select key employees and add them to your programme and recruit the rest.

Want to se a great example text for an Ambassador recruitment mail?



We see that you are regularly active on social media and that you share messages from COMPANY with your own network. We greatly appreciate your efforts! And that's why we want to ask you something… We are curious if you would like to become a SoMe Ambassador?

We would like to explain briefly what this means, what is expected of you and what it will bring you.

SoMe Ambassadors Programme

Through the online ambassador program, we make it fun and easy to share stories and vacancies on social media. Through online networks, we can reach a lot of people and achieve greater awareness.

So, you have a super valuable role!

Besides the fact that this is very valuable for COMPANY, we also want to make sure that it is valuable and interesting for you to participate:

  • You can contribute to the fame of COMPANY

  • You can expand your professional online network by sharing interesting content

  • As a SoMe ambassador, you have the option to have a professional photo taken that you can use as a profile photo on your social media accounts

What exactly does the program entail?

We will kick off with an online workshop. Here, you will receive all information about the program and we will provide useful tips on how to grow your network, debate and share content on social media.

We will then launch a 6-month pilot. In these 6 months, you will regularly receive an email with interesting content that is ready to share. We make sure everything is ready and easy to share! Of course, you have the freedom to decide whether or not you want to share the content.

What next?

If you would like to be a SoMe Ambassador, then quickly reply here: (INSERT EMAIL, LINK OR BUTTON)

Do you have questions?

Please contact:


SoMe Ambassadors Group!



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